The vision of Symbeiism is the continual evolution of man and machine achieving an Optimum Convergence™ of intent an purpose

Symbeiism enables the Quantumization™ of resources, elements, variables and data that reside or is common within multiple domain communities. For example when a natural disaster strikes, it is desirable to get a big picture of the situation as quickly as possible. How many adults, children, elders, and physically disabled are in the disaster zone? How many vehicles are available? Does anyone own a boat if the disaster is a flood? Where do the doctors and nurses live? Where do mechanical engineers and electricians live? Which buildings are most likely still standing and capable of housing a certain number of people? Survivors can even help to collect information in real-time wherever they are. People outside the disaster zone can help organize and analyze the collected variables . Even before disasters strike, these clustered community-maintained intellectual centres can be indexed, contextualized and pooled together to give a bigger picture of the whole.

To engage the masses in the use of Symbeiism, current technologies may not be enough; various scientific, educational, economic and commercial endeavors must engage and communicate an understanding of its benefit. Symbeiism must be open, accessible and embedded into common action and interaction which increases the public’s expectation for the continuity of action that helps during a crises or assist in collective or individual tasks or goals..Expectation increases the willingness to contribute to the community-maintained domains suggested previously. The seeds of appreciation for Symbeiism must be numerous to allow people to engage, interact and be given opportunities that encourage its usage, as so to develop new ideas, skills and expectations for its potential to extend and offer enormous opportunities of new creativity and innovation.